Meet Anneliese: The heart and soul behind the cookies

“You only have one life, so why not spend it doing what you love, while also making others happy!”

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For over 23 years, Anneliese worked hard  behind a desk in corporate America, and consistently found herself disenchanted, tired and uninspired. 

It finally occurred to her: “You only have one life, so why not spend it doing what you love, while also making others happy!”

Anneliese has always had a profound love for people and while she loved the camaraderie that came with her working relationships, in 2017 she walked away from her corporate life forever in pursuit of a purpose fueled by her core values and passion. 

“I decided to channel my energy into making available my beloved family cookies to as many people as possible, and then using some of the profits to help people in need.”

It was then that she realized she already had a lifetime of experience creating something precious that she could share with the world: her family’s wildly popular cookies, made from a carefully guarded secret recipe passed down for generations.    

 “I would bring these special gourmet cookies to every potluck and occasion. Everyone, even my company’s Vice President, sought after the secret recipe.”

And just like that, Anneliese’s Cookies was born. 

Cookies With a Purpose

The values at the core of Anneliese’s Cookies are integrity, excellence, advocacy and regard for others. We keep these values at the center of every action we take to embody our purpose and positively influence others. 

A portion of our profits are donated to Chicago-area organizations aligned with our mission, including The Hunger Project and Girl Forward!. We are dedicated to a community effort to help people in need and look forward to expanding this aspect of our business.

Quality & Specialty Ingredients

 Our artisanal butter-based cookies are made-to-order with your favorite toppings.  From wholesome nuts and coconut to nostalgic sprinkles, we will curate a batch you are sure to love.

Each cookie is lovingly crafted with top-tier ingredients made to accommodate your needs, including vegan*, gluten-free and sugar-free*.

*Vegan varieties are made with plant-based butter.

**Sugar-free varieties  are  made using Hershey’s sugar-free chocolate and Swerve Sweetener, “the ultimate sugar replacement”. Swerve has zero calories, zero net carbs and is certified non-GMO and non-glycemic, which means it does not raise your blood sugar. 

Cottage Food Certification

Our product is produced in a home kitchen not inspected by a health department that may also process common food allergens. If you have safety concerns, contact your local health department.